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China’s reshuffle of its financial regulatory system suggests a more systematic approach, a government consultant says

Astrology and star signs are gaining rapid popularity among Chinese young people, who prefer the Western-style horoscope. Those who foresaw this are raking in the cash

As China vows to tackle its pervasive environmental pollution, the nationwide system of environmental inspections has been hailed as a real reform, although whether it can bring about systemic change remains to be seen

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Renowned foreign policy expert Li Cheng surveys the prospect of a trade war between the US and China and its long-term impact on bilateral relations

China-US trade relations seem more volatile than ever. But will the tension inevitably escalate to a trade war? Recent frictions offer lessons for both sides

Chinese tourists are reshaping the global tourism industry and impacting the world economy, not only with their money, but also with their habits - and tour operators are responding