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When author/documentarian Robert Lawrence Kuhn first visited China, he never expected how reform and opening-up would transform the country – or his future

Can the future of the Chinese music industry depend on the multibillion dollar fan economy?

Advancements in technology are making lab-grown diamonds more readily available than ever before. Are they poised to take some of the luster out of the natural diamond industry? NewsChina reports

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The world of physics is in mourning after Chinese-American physicist and Stanford professor who blazed trails in string theory and insulator research passed away aged 55 after a battle with depression

Widely acclaimed as the best coming-of-age drama in China over the past decade, writer-director Cao Baoping’s Einstein and Einstein takes a critical look at girlhood in modern China while marking a return to realism in domestic cinema

Senior economist and an early proponent of market reform, Gao Shangquan tells NewsChina of his early efforts and evaluates and predicts the country’s progress