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Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan, after receiving the Academy’s Honorary Award, talks with NewsChina about his childhood, early career, new film – and his nationality complex

For prize-winning novelist and screenwriter, Liu Zhenyun, writing is a means to find a person to talk with and to give a voice to people who want to talk

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun says he aims to break the public’s perceptions that equate high quality with high prices

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So many elderly people are moving to other cities to care for their grandchildren that the phenomenon is changing the structure of the Chinese family

A vast network of child traffickers supplies labor to east China’s textile factories

According to incomplete statistics, a total of 245 senior Chinese officials committed suicide or disappeared between 2009 and early December 2016. Mounting pressure from a cruelly competitive officialdom and the sweeping anti-corruption campaign is believed to be partly to blame.