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As salinized soil poses a growing threat to global food security, expert Ma Wei speaks with China News Service about the strategies, technologies and techniques China has developed in rice cultivation and the importance of international cooperation

The first major exhibition in the US dedicated to China’s ancient capital 3,000 years ago carries key codes to the origin of the Chinese civilization and modern archaeological works, as well as the China-US cultural relations in the future

NGO co-founder Zhang Tianhang talks about how chum salmon numbers in China are rebounding through cooperation with fishers, international practice and issuing ‘fish passports’

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Martial arts expert Anthony Goh on how competitive wushu can expand its reach to a wider global audience and gain Olympic recognition

Asian-led movies and TV shows are breaking the ‘bamboo ceiling’ in Hollywood. Professor Gui Lin tells NewsChina why Asian filmmakers are becoming box office gold

How a troupe of deaf dancers transcends borders to be heard by the world