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As global conflicts increase, the United Nations should take the lead in promoting democratization and rule of law in international relations, says senior diplomat Jin Yongjian as China marks 50 years since it returned to the multilateral organization

Sinologist Bryan W. Van Norden calls for more wisdom and understanding in relations between US and China

Amid concerns over capital flight and effects of the national security law, economist Xia Chun makes the case for financial stability in Hong Kong and the city’s resilience as the world faces the pandemic’s second winter

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Oscar-winning documentarian Malcolm Clarke talks about his latest project focusing on the ordinary lives that have been changed by China’s extraordinary transformation

Crosstalk performer Yan Hexiang talks with NewsChina about the current predicaments of China’s traditional comedy performance and the huge challenge it faces from its younger rival – stand-up comedy

By adopting a ‘dynamic eradication’ strategy that focuses on Covid-19 cases at the community level, China has managed to keep the coronavirus under control