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Rapid expansion of jewelry brands and quality complaints are tarnishing gold retail. But product innovation and younger consumers seeking safe-haven investments could help regain its shine, experts say

Amid the ongoing challenges in China’s property market, local governments are adopting trade-in policies that aim to incentivize new home purchases by acquiring buyers’ preowned homes

As couriers quit and delays mount in the wake of new regulations on China’s express delivery industry, insiders anticipate the shake-up will reshape the sector

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Resurrecting loved ones has become a new business model for individual AI developers, but amid the hype, many people and even big tech companies are struggling to find paths to monetize the nascent sector

Extreme traffic over Chinese New Year that left thousands of holiday tourists stuck in Hainan has once again sparked debate on the viability of constructing a nearly 20-kilometer bridge to connect the island province to the mainland

Job recruitment livestreams are boosting employment by instantly connecting companies with the nationwide talent pool. But as fraudsters lure unsuspecting blue-collar job seekers with false listings, experts are calling for greater regulation