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Chinese scientists have traveled across the country, sampling its land-based ecosystems to gain a better understanding of how the natural world can help fight in the battle against climate change

Coral reefs are central to healthy marine ecology. But with climate change depleting these critical environments, Chinese scientists have dedicated more than a decade of work to reforesting the ocean

Modernisation has brought non-degradable material and products to the remote Tibetan plateau, buy local communities backed by NGOs have mobilised to fight the pollution choking their towns

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Marine plastic pollution, a once overlooked issue, is a cause of increasing concern as the world’s rivers and seas become choked with the convenient, but non-degradable product

Hoh Xil was inscribed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in July, but urgent threats to this pristine wilderness remain

A recent development conference emphasized indigenous people’s involvement in conservation efforts, a practice receiving growing interest and seeing greater participation in China