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It is illegal to fire employers because they place last in performance assessment, says SPC.

The effects of China’s innovation policies have been restricted by the lack of initiative among small enterprises

China to construct five low-speed commercial Maglev lines by 2020, causing considerable attention

Luke Priddy talks about how his experience in China changed his sense of identity

China’s household registration reform will ultimately require equal access among all citizens to basic social welfare

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Analysts expect the cross-Strait relationship to witness rising political and economic tension under the administration of Taiwan’s new leader, Tsai Ing-wen

China’s supreme military leadership unveils plans to curtail the PLA’s commercial activities, part of an ongoing shakeup of China’s armed forces


In a healthcare environment unfavorable to hospice programs, few practitioners are venturing into this industry, and even fewer are offering services aimed at terminally ill children

The catastrophic flooding in Wuhan has called into question the efficacy of the city’s huge expenditure on drainage while draining its lakes for real estate projects


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