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Unaffordable, unavailable childcare has seen many seniors move across the country to care for their grandchildren. But now, homesick, fatigued and battered by conflicts over child-rearing styles, many oppose the idea of families having a second child.

Government is the rule-setter and provides the enviroment to encourage entrepreneurs: editorial

The two countries’ objectives align to an extent, which is why the Cuban leader was so warmly welcomed in Pyongyang

WTO reform has made scant progress because it failed to update the rules - and China can contribute its wisdom in the regard, says expert

It is hoped a new public participation commission will help hospitals avoid over-commercialization

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Ever dreamed of owning a desert island? Hainan has issued new rules to promote the development of islands off its coast, but can developers overcome the problems of the past, which include high costs, natural disasters and the need to protect the local ecology?

China’s expenditure on overseas trips, vehicles and receptions for government officials has fallen continuously due to a frugality drive and market price fluctuations


In response to China’s low birth rate many provinces and regions including Liaoning, Shaanxi, Hubei and Xinjiang, have issued various policies to encourage childbirth, such as prolonging paid maternity leave and granting maternity allowances.  

After petering out at the start of the year, China’s #MeToo movement has again gathered steam with a wave of accusations against prominent figures. But how much long-term impact it will have on China’s patriarchal culture and legal framework remains unclear


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