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While the German government seeks greater support from China in trade, voices of criticism and doubt are rising among the German public

China is the best choice because it shares interests with both sides and is strongly motivated to keep them to their promises, argues a professor

Social media is the main source of information for Chinese college students

Prison sentences for two convicted teenage drug traffickers in Hunan have sparked debate over the prevalence of drug use among the young

The successful launch of two privately developed rockets shows private companies can get a lot out of China's high-tech sector

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The best way for China to celebrate four decades of ambitious economic progress is to show it means business

A sweeping restructure is in place to make the government and the Party more adaptive to the modern era, and better able to build a rising, large nation


As China vows to tackle its pervasive environmental pollution, the nationwide system of environmental inspections has been hailed as a real reform, although whether it can bring about systemic change remains to be seen

Astrology and star signs are gaining rapid popularity among Chinese young people, who prefer the Western-style horoscope. Those who foresaw this are raking in the cash


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