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A little sang emotion is normal, but too much can be harmful, a Chinese news outlet has editorialized

While governments are no longer the sole provider of residential land in China, property prices will be affected technically, but to a limited extent, says scholar

The best way to support poor students is to customize funds or help for each family to suit their particular conditions, as non-targeted poverty alleviation is not effective

An editorial in the Southern Metropolis Daily calls for policies to boost the fertility rate amid growing labor shortage concerns

The successful bid by a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer to buy a US company is not indicative of broader trends, an expert says

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A recent fire in a suburban district of Beijing catalyzed a citywide campaign to demolish illegal buildings and evict migrant workers, on top of the capital’s attempts to deal with issues of overpopulation and shoddy construction

After a year of trials, China is set to roll out a three-level supervisory system nationwide to oversee all public officials according to a new set of legal standards


Several drug rehabilitation centers in southern China’s Zhejiang Province have employed virtual reality to help drug users abandon their addiction

China’s English training market has been expanding rapidly, especially for children, and despite the shortfall in qualified teachers, it is attracting a lot of investment, especially to the online-only market


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