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A scholar expects relations to normalize in the wake of the 45th anniversary of the resumption of China-Japan diplomatic relations

India and Japan are unlikely to agree on the terms of attempts to contain China's rise given their disparate goals

As the public and enterprises are not responding well to green consumption efforts, more must be done to promote notions of environmental protection across all levels of society

One thousand hectares of collective land in Beijing will be used to build public rental housing to take some of the heat out of the city's real estate market

There is a need to keep customers' information private in an era when real-name use is standard, and companies like express delivery services should enact measures to protect privacy

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Can Beijing’s experiment provide a new solution for China’s housing market?

Legalizing the renting of rural dwellings on the outskirts of cities will be a boon for the people who live there. But how will it affect China’s rental market?


China is now home to over 150 million allergy sufferers, the number of which is still rising, but a lack of understanding of allergies by medical authorities makes it hard for doctors and experts to conduct deeper studies and formulate better treatment

A delivery room tragedy has challenged a millennium-old belief held by the Chinese public: childbirth should be painful


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