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Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, President of the UN General Assembly, discusses the role of the UN in the ongoing pandemic and changing international order

Lawyer Yuan Gang on the lawsuit to block the administration's ban of the app and the challenges that lie ahead

Several factors are behind the recent resurgence in house price. While the government has injected liquidity into the economy to mitigate the pandemic’s impact, domestic and international uncertainties have led some enterprises to seek a safe haven in the real estate market

NewsChina, Chinese Edition July 6, 2020

Huang Sheng Guan Cha June 18, 2020

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China’s top prosecutor released a report on the private sector, arguing that there should be no arrest or charges against businesspeople whenever possible

The potential for smart cities to drive Chinese economic and social growth is huge, despite criticisms of their slow responses to Covid-19


Controversy over the suicide of a fifth grader on campus has experts calling for clearer laws protecting students from teacher abuse and more thorough investigations

A new prototype maglev train has reignited enthusiasm for supporters of the technology. But given the cost and China’s extensive high-speed rail system, is there a rationale to build more lines?


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