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New rules in Beijing tackle some landlord abuses, but still fail to support low-income renters, says commentator

Its mature market, supply of skilled workers, deepened opening-up, and equal, transparent treatment to all market players are favorable factors

China's population - including the expanding middle class - and their across-the-board income increases mean their consumption demand will be huge

State interventions tend to target higher performing students, so those with lower grades are discouraged and often drop out

Some lawmakers have suggested a mandatory cooling-off period for couples divorcing in haste, while a lawyer says this is not suitable for all situations

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One year after its establishment, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs is rolling out policies to provide help for retired soldiers and boost their position in society

NewsChina explores a new regulation aiming to guide government investment toward long-term economic and social development goals while preventing miscalculations by officials


Despite the growing demand for sperm among unmarried women, China’s strict regulations and policies are making their childbearing hopes nearly impossible

A video of a mother kicking her three-year-old daughter at a modeling shoot sparked public outrage, drawing attention to China’s poorly supervised child modeling industry


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