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China’s ‘new normal’ will be a long-term phenomenon

This period will pose both opportunities and challenges for China and its leadership, as the central authorities are compelled to focus on getting China back


A Great Deflation?

Wang Tao, chief economist with UBS Securities China, explains why China needs to worry about deflation



As Clean as a Chinese Official

A local public prosecutor’s bold online disclosure of his private assets has drawn cautious public plaudits, but may have made him an enemy of his higher-ups


Talking About It

With depression on the rise in China, Chinese people are being forced to discuss mental health


Survival for the Fittest

The ossified mega-State-owned Enterprise China Post Group has undergone restructuring to cater to a modern marketplace. But is this enormous entity really able to change?


Sexual Healing

With Chinese social attitudes to sex often conflicted, those offering unorthodox treatments for the nation’s sexual problems face an uphill battle for recognition


Battle of the Blight

A public fightback against mosquito infestations in Guangdong Province has been underway since August 2014 in a bid to contain the worst outbreak of dengue fever in China’s history. Are these emergency measures effective?

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Villains and Victims

China is asking why some citizens seem to be driven to commit horrific attacks against innocents, often without an apparent motive. Whatever the reasons, a consensus seems to be emerging as to how to resolve this social illness



Painting History Red

Chinese-Australian Shen Jiawei’s passion is creating portraits of key figures from the modern history of his homeland. NewsChina catches up with him and his latest works


Golden Gamble

When it came to making a biopic of maverick early 20th-century Chinese writer Xiao Hong, divisive Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui was perhaps the only person for the job

Outside In


On The Fringe

Find rural idyll barely an hour from the capital – just don’t forget to feed the ducks!


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School’s Out For Officials

A ban preventing government officials from attending executive training programs will likely put an end to classroom romances between officials and entrepreneurs


Fleet Foxes

China has launched an international ‘fox hunt’ designed to snare fugitives from justice. However, given the authorities’ limited ability to operate internationally and the sheer volume of cases, implementation has proven challenging


Legally Bound

The Party’s decision to choose “rule of law” as the theme of its annual conference reflects important shifts in its approach toward economics, law and ideology


Courting Reform

China’s central leadership has concluded its annual conference by issuing guidelines addressing the rule of law, but does this pledge mean progress? NewsChina reads between the lines



Deep-cover Diplomacy

An unusual visit to South Korea by North Korean officials alongside the disappearance of paramount leader Kim Jong-un has left diplomats and experts in the region puzzled over its strategic intentions



No Alchemy

Alibaba has made a splash on the NYSE – but will its success affect the reform agenda on the Chinese stock market?


End of an Era

China’s real estate market has been on a downward spiral since early 2014. Although stimulus policies may be helping sales in some areas, most analysts believe that market is simply weaning itself off price hikes



I’m Wokking Away

With personal relationships in China revolving around food and eating, it surprised me how much of a person’s character could apparently be gleaned from their eating habits.


Warmth Amid the Clouds

Everyone out of doors seemed, like me, to be wandering, at a loss as what exactly to do with themselves in this apparent ghost town.



Tax reform is key to solving local debt

Solving the local government debt crisis will require a drastic realignment of China’s tax system

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  • For Chinese people, buying an iPhone is more to keep up appearances than to show off. iPhones are actually quite cheap compared to other luxury items, but somehow they have become a status symbol and a fashion icon.

    Commentator Wang Shichuan on the high demand for Apple smart phones in the Chinese market.

  • I’ve already given all I can give, and I can’t do any better. I wish I could stay longer, but my body can’t take it anymore. Honestly, I’m not sad about it.

    Chinese tennis star Li Na explaining her decision to retire.

  • Rising prices will force those who cannot afford an apartment out of Beijing, which will help alleviate the city’s overpopulation problem.

    Professor Dong Pan from Beijing Normal University earning public criticism for his opposition to administrative action in the housing market.

  • Rule of law shouldn’t mean that the government can make a crime out of anything it wants to – that is called rule of punishment. Rule of law is placing the law above both the government and the people.

    Sociology professor Sun Liping on the rule of law, the theme of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee that began October 20, 2014.

  • A foreign friend told me he is afraid of Chinese people since Chinese TV shows have taught him that we are all kung-fu masters and experts at deception. China urgently needs to export more than dramas about palace intrigue.

    Writer Yu Qiuyu on modern Chinese cultural exports

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