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Offering 14 years of free schooling remote areas can provide the poor with knowledge-based skills to raise themselves and develop their hometowns

China is four to five years ahead of all other players, and households will have access to the technology in the next 10-15 years, says top scientist

The news that two major express delivery firms are to raise prices should sound an alarm against monopolistic practices and potential price-fixing

Some of the qualities that have earned Japanese manufacturing a global reputation are now gradually pushing it towards a downfall

Education-oriented robots need to overcome the challenges of homogenization and toy-like features

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The rapid expansion of China’s high-speed rail network has seen a growing number of local governments contend for the booming business

The death of a graduate targeted by a pyramid scheme reveals how scams have penetrated Chinese society, and even its financial markets


Why not have a “My Ex-boyfriend is Doing Better than Me Black Tea?

China’s central government has rapped officials in Gansu province over a slew of environmental violations in the protected Qilian Mountains Nature Reserve.


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