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The intention of domestic companies’ overseas investments need to be more strictly interrogated to avoid foreign exchange arbitrage

People who offer aid to strangers in need will now be protected from civil liability.

Companies offering remote tomb-sweeping services trigger more criticism than praise

Apple's R&D centers in China are intended not just for research, but a range of business tasks

China needs a central regulator for foreign investment to use foreign capital more efficiently.

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China plans to establish a single over-arching branch of government to investigate and curb corruption at all levels

At the end of October, some 370 senior cadres of China’s Communist Party, including members of the Party’s present Central Committee, gathered in Beijing’s Jingxi Hotel to attend one of China’s most important political events of 2016: the Sixth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee.


China’s leading online shopping platform Taobao has over 100,000 high-end consumers with special shopping privileges. Will the group help to drive the company’s service upgrades?

Some young Chinese are seeking new experiences overseas, or escaping problems at home, by enlisting in foreign armed forces


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