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Nostalgia is a burden for companies adapting to market's new realities

Photos of village residences damaged by excessive coal mining have caused China's online community to denounce overdevelopment at the cost of locals' homes

China's foreign minister reiterated that China strives for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula after Wednesday's trilateral meeting between leaders from China, South Korea and Japan

Authorities have apprehended a ring of suspects who allegedly smuggled 5,000 tons of high-end seafood into China that originated from waters near the Fukushima nuclear accident

A New York-based puppet artist gives the ancient Chinese art of shadow puppetry a contemporary touch with slide projectors and Western techniques

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Analysts expect the cross-Strait relationship to witness rising political and economic tension under the administration of Taiwan’s new leader, Tsai Ing-wen

China’s supreme military leadership unveils plans to curtail the PLA’s commercial activities, part of an ongoing shakeup of China’s armed forces


The deaths of four people during an alleged forced demolition reflect how tensions and distrust between the local government and the public have far from dissipated

Han Chunyu, an associate professor at a little-known Chinese university, shocked the scientific world with his discovery of a new gene-editing technology


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