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In the long run, it will not be able to stop the rise of China’s EV cars, nor boost the competitiveness of European car makers

NewsChina, Chinese Edition October 2, 2023

Oriental Outlook September 7, 2023

Minsheng Weekly September 4, 2023

Caijing Magazine September 18, 2023

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Chinese villages have been warned to rein in their debt, largely due to vanity projects and failed businesses, which could scupper rural revitalization, experts warn

Amid demographic and economic transformation, China is relaxing its once-rigid household registration system to expand social benefits to new urban residents


Through livestreamed book releases, collectible limited-editions and rebranding, publishers are creating demand for once unpopular titles – and shaping the future of the Industry

Many Chinese women are turning to overseas or unlicensed clinics to use IVF to select the sex of their child. Is the expensive procedure harming mothers and their babies?


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