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“Automakers have been able to manufacture new energy vehicles at no cost; some have even made money off their production. With such extreme government subsidies, ‘subsidy fraud’ has become a road to riches that even a fool could think of.”

“If city governments issue policies to ‘clean out’ the so-called underclass, it will slow down their population growth, which is not necessarily a good thing for the largest cities, and will not last.”

“China’s period of Reform and Opening-up succeeded in getting the country out of the ‘lower middle-income trap,’ but now we stand at the edge of the ‘upper middle-income trap.’ The characteristics of the golden age of development are receding, while those of an ‘age of contradictions’ are becoming more and more striking.”

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“For the challenging situation of ‘left-behind children’ to improve, we need to adjust our policies. We need to help migrant workers who are willing to return home to start businesses and help those who stay in the cities to bring their children with them.”

“Although ‘sham divorce’ risks destabilizing a marriage, this danger has been overwhelmed by concerns over soaring housing prices... that have made getting a fake divorce worth the gamble... People are just transferring the risk.”

“True compassion does not come from coercion, but out of the sincere devotion of the donors’ families.”