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The Chinese government still has plenty left in the fiscal toolbox to deal with the situation, and some have urged the government to adopt a more liberal fiscal and monetary policy to boost the economy by increasing spending and interest rates

But given the intensifying rivalry with the US and ongoing realignment of the global supply chain, joining the CPTPP has become more attractive as China tries to address growing challenges both at home and abroad

The initiative will help address a major problem in China’s economy. SMEs face serious difficulties accessing capital funding in China’s financial markets dominated by big State-owned banks, which prefer big State-owned enterprises. Even non-bank investors tend to favor big firms or startups linked to them

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Like it or not, China can eliminate the virus from within its borders but not from the whole world. Unless China opts to close its borders forever, it has to face the reality that the virus will stick around for the long term

As China’s vaccination drive continues, leading to more relaxed pandemic measures, retail, transportation, food and beverage and business service sectors, which account for about 19 percent of added value to China’s economy, should climb to pre-Covid levels

The increased education level of China’s labor force is definitely positive, although whether it can automatically turn into a talent dividend depends on whether China can achieve its goal to upgrade its economy into an innovation-driven one