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Chinese director Jia Zhangke talks with NewsChina about his latest documentary Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue and his views on literature, cinema under the Covid-19 pandemic and the ebb of globalization

A play adapted from a 1987 novel strikes a chord with contemporary audiences with its take on marriage and intellectuals

Prestigious drama schools are struggling to retain their students, who are unable to resist the lure of instant online fame and fortune – but only as long as they drive online traffic

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In the 1980s, a single magazine run by translators gave millions of Chinese readers their first glimpses of world literature and led a generation of writers to embrace modernism

An unexpected hit, period drama The Age of Awakening is winning over millions of young fans for its complex and relatable portrayals of the Party’s founders

Previously the start of the Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou may have slid into obscurity as trade waned and its rivers silted up. Now listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site, the city is looking outward again