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They have everything easy.When I was a child we didn’t even have proper shoes, and we walked to school. So of course when they come to the mountain, they expect it to be easy too. They don’t want to go all the way up on foot; they want to ride to the top as if Buddha himself was lifting them up in his hands

Gifted with an abundance of money, rather than sense, my friend, a local fuerdai had decided that it would be a good idea to invite not one, not two, but three of his former girlfriends to his engagement party.

Previously, I have lustily sung the praises of the parsimony of the Chinese chef when it comes to the tools of their trade. Gadgets are rarely welcome additions to the kitchen, acknowledged, if at all, with suspicion and, quite rightly, as creating more labor than they save.

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“You shouldn’t be that ambitious. Set a small target first, like earning 100 million yuan (US$14.5million).”

When she finally came back, to find me drowning in puppies and cats, frantically trying to keep the pups in one room behind makeshift barriers, it was a big relief

Thankfully our driver, Mr Wang, a giant of a man – at least as I remember him – swept me and Susan up on his shoulders and bore us both through the crowd, shouting “Foreign little girls! Foreign little girls coming through! Move out of the way!”