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Extreme floods have exposed a lack of historic preservation in Shanxi Province, home to hundreds of thousands of ancient sites and relics, many of which are abandoned and unprotected

Shanxi displays the earliest and most complex layers of China’s history. For thousands of years, it set the stage where different cultures met and mixed, which helped make the “diversity in unity” of Chinese culture

Hopes are high for new binding resolutions for biodiversity at the Kunming COP15 meeting, particularly since progress on ecosystems and conservation has been fragmented and slow

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Protection of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys in Mount Laojun forges ahead amid clashes with local villagers’ livelihoods

Despite major progress in protecting China’s plant species over the past decades, lack of biodiversity mapping and rapid habitat deterioration call for urgent action

The more law enforcement cracks down on telecom and internet fraud, the more sophisticated criminal gangs become as they evolve into well-oiled business machines, complete with a corporate ethos