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China and another five Asian countries including India, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Laos have reduced duties on more than 10,000 import items since July 1, with the average reduction up to 33 percent. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Beijing from June 19 to 20, just one week after he met with US President Donald Trump in Singapore.

After 17 years, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is more relevant than ever. The Qingdao Declaration demonstrates how the organization’s vision is expanding to include key global issues

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A relaxed, candid meeting between the leaders of China and India has gone some way toward repairing the fractured bilateral relationship, but more dialogue will be necessary to fix the trust deficit

Alongside improving relations in Northeast and Southeast Asia, the regional integration of East Asia is speeding up

Trump’s sudden cancelation of the US-North Korea summit caused dismay, but is it all over for the peace process?