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A single mother in Shanghai is suing social security authorities for maternity benefits in an unprecedented case involving the rights of unmarried parents

After a local authorities in a city in Shandong closed down hundreds of businesses, affecting many livelihoods, their sweeping measures were criticized by top environmental officials and the public

China’s central bank announced on September 6 it would cut the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) by 50 basis points and reduce the ratio by 100 basis points for small and private enterprises, the Xinhua News Agency reports

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As animal protection awareness increases, the latest circus tiger death incident brings netizens to call for an end to animal performance of all kinds

A university study shows that private education in China will explode over the next six years. However, this may only increase China's education gap

Expert cautions that there should be limits to using AI and facial recognition technology, as there is a risk of identity theft