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Inland Chongqing has enough buzz and spice to discover in its precipitous streets for a weekend getaway, or a weeklong wander

Houhai, on Hainan island’s south coast is a tiny resort with a golden beach where everyone is coconutty for surfing, just on the cusp of being the next big thing

The distinctive Hui culture and landscape of Wuyuan has been well-preserved and for the moment, remains relatively undiscovered

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A hugely important city as the beginning of the Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou has preserved much of its multicultural history, even as its glory days faded

Is Xiapu, a northeastern coastal region of Fujian Province which is being heavily promoted for tourism a fake tourist trap, or China’s hippest new destination for Insta-influencers?

A camping trip to the mountainous outskirts of Beijing is a good way to steer clear of the crowds and visit off-the-beaten-track destinations