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Law Needed to Enforce Use of Child Car Seats

There are no special provisions for children in China's road safety laws, and this omission needs to be addressed, says lawmaker

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.15

The law should be changed to mandate that children under seven years old must use car seats, said Zheng Jianjiang, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and chairman of the AUX Group, an enterprise group which covers electrical and other industries, at the ongoing  two sessions in Beijing. 

Since the number of traffic accidents has been increasing, Zheng’s suggestion has merit, the Beijing Youth Daily said. The 2018 blue paper on child traffic safety in China, issued by the China Women's Development Foundation and other organizations, shows that only one percent of parents install child cars seat in their vehicle.

In response to Zheng's suggestion, many netizens said that child seats are expensive and unnecessary. Many parents do not understand the need for them. The Beijing Youth Daily argued that it is precisely because children do not sit still that there is a need to use car seats for their safety when in a moving vehicle.

Ninety-six countries and regions around the world have issued laws and regulations on mandating the use of child seats in cars. However, there are no provisions in China's current Road Traffic Safety Law that specifically address the issue of children's road traffic safety.