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Mandatory National Standards for Electric Vehicles Needed

Delivery vehicles should be more strictly regulated, which causes many problems in Chinese cities

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.13

Electric tricycles are the vehicle of choice for inner city delivery services, due to ease of movement, low prices and lack of harmful polluting emissions. Yet there are no mandatory national standards to regulate this form of transportation, which causes a myriad of problems, according to an article in The Beijing News.  

Although China has some standards to manage electric vehicles, these are recommended criteria rather than mandatory requirements. Problems include lack of parking management in cities, and delivery drivers either lacking awareness of, or ignoring traffic regulations. The situation should not continue, the article said.    

China’s State Post Bureau and China’s Standardization Administration and other departments should make mandatory standards in terms of vehicle size, loading quality, maximum speed, braking distance, satellite positioning and others to regulate the safety of electric vehicles on the road, the report said.   
Cities should also enforce the regulations. In Beijing, for example, the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Transport require all courier companies to register information about how many vehicles they have and who uses them. They should be inspected annually and the drivers should have instruction on traffic rules.