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Living in such close quarters, you can forget about privacy. Thanks to a vigilant neighborhood watch made up of keen-eyed elderly ayi and shushu (“aunties” and“uncles”) who keep everyone informed of comings and goings, word travels fast around the lanes

In China I’ve learned that often the best thing to do is lose the little battle to win the war. It’s a lesson that I have not learned well, because it appeared I’d won three large rocks, but lost my house.

Environmental protection laws need to be flexible, The Paper argues in an editorial.

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Despite its efforts to counter US Dollar's supremacy via the Iran issue, the EU will not be able to elevate the standing of Euro much, says commentator

Some areas are lagging behind with providing integrated social and healthcare systems for seniors

Apple's dilemma – bring manufacturing back to the US or contend with Trump's tariffs – reflects the inherent irrationality of the "America First" policy.