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China needs to tackle its ‘supply-side’ problem

It now has become clear that the major problem does not lie in a lack of consumer demand, but in the domestic supply chain.


China’s current reforms may not be adequate to sustain its growth target in the long run

A persistent economic slowdown, which may continue in 2016 and beyond, may threaten the long-term sustainability of ambitious overseas projects




One separated couple decided to have a child out of wedlock to challenge rigid legal and social restrictions on unmarried couples and their offspring



Once-coveted civil service positions are losing appeal as the Chinese government continues to ramp up its anti-corruption campaign alongside an expanding private sector



The Tianjin government’s haste to build an ecological park on the site of the port city’s deadly August blast has generated safety concerns and criticism over the memorial’s design



The instant success of ‘17,’ a newly launched live-streaming app, underscores the epidemic of loneliness afflicting today’s young, urban Chinese


China’s ‘Trump’?

With the debut of his talk show, Hu Xijin, hawkish editor-in-chief of China’s nationalist Global Times, has rekindled debates over his role in China’s tightly regulated media landscape




Symbolically, the yuan’s inclusion in the IMF’s basket of reserve currencies may provide a confidence boost to China’s economy and currency. Substantially, the leadership’s ambition behind the milestone lies in bolstering China’s supply of goods and services to Chinese consumers, which in turn can only be made possible through reform



Glimpse Into Chaos

By gaining exclusive access to the daily working life of a Chinese city mayor, fly-on-the-wall director Zhou Hao has enlivened public perceptions of a rich, complex social sphere


In Front of the Camera

After a two-year break from the film industry, director Feng Xiaogang, known mainly for his many light-hearted blockbusters, returns as a lead actor in an action flick. NewsChina talks with Feng about his new choice, the motivation behind it and what’s to come

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Battle of Wills

Xi Jinping’s Central Military Commission seems determined to overcome institutional resistance to implement a ‘revolutionary’ overhaul of the PLA


Intellectual Disgrace

To put a stop to the systemic corruption in the realm of education, Chinese universities need to develop adequate internal supervision and a new power structure


Changing Attitude

Six years after Copenhagen, China’s official stance on its own responsibility in the fight against climate change has experienced a sea change


Words Into Action

NewsChina interviews Liu Zhenmin, vice minister of foreign affairs and deputy head of the Chinese delegation in Paris, to find out what China’s role was in breaking the decades-long deadlock, which many blamed in part on recalcitrance in Beijing and Washington




China and Africa adopt new approaches in light of evolving political and economic realities



Branches Divided

Unbeknownst to many, the Chinese mainland authorities held a series of indirect talks with Taiwan concerning potential reunification in the 1950s and 1960s

Outside In



Snow Mountain, Taiwan’s second-highest peak, is a paradise for intrepid hikers and those wishing to see a different, wilder side of the island


Yes, But Is It Pasta?



Tummy Trouble

Knowing how much international hospitals cost without good insurance, I went to the local military hospital


Found in Translation

Somehow, in my mind at least, the word “fuwuyuan” is redolent with all the frustrations that many in China’s service industry gleefully inflict on their customers

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What They Say

  • Many scientific achievements labeled by the media as ‘a global first’ or ‘Nobel Prize-worthy’ have actually not been evaluated as such by an authoritative academic organ, but only by the scientists themselves.

    Li Zhimin, director of the Science and Technology Development Center under China’s Ministry of Education, calling on the media to stop misleading readers by making judgments on scientific findings.

  • Now that people can have two children… this will potentially reduce the demand for trafficked children, and thus the causes of child trafficking.

    Chen Shiqu, director of the anti-trafficking unit of the Ministry of Public Security, expressing his support for the “Two Child Policy. “

  • People would pile praise on a 12 year old if he earned a Level 10 piano certificate or a spot on the national chess team, so why do they criticize those that are masters at League of Legends? It is not fair!

    A mother from Jiangxi Province, defending her 12-year-old son who has earned a fortune by live broadcasting his online gameplay.

  • Provincial supreme courts are often responsible for wrongful convictions in capital cases. Few such cases will be redressed if the courts abstain from self-examination.

    Peking University law professor Chen Xingliang, promoting the creation of an effective system for examining and overturning wrongful convictions.

  • Even if we could lock power in a cage, the anti-corruption campaign would be of little effect if the keys were still kept by officials. Instead, we should put the keys in the hands of the public and the media for better supervision.

    Chinese writer Er Yuehe on fighting corruption.

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