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Let’s put values back on the table

Confucians urged civil servants to keep clear of commerce, lest the pursuit of wealth blind them to their responsibilities as moral examples to the masses.


Let’s reform the system

It’s time to let those who contribute to urban society also benefit from it

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The Blue Collar Boot Camp

Within China, Lanxiang Technical School, China’s biggest private vocational school, is seen as the Harvard of technical professionals. Internationally, most of those who are aware of its existence call it a training ground for cyber terrorism. NewsChina takes a stroll through its vast campus.



The Law of Gods and Men

Should China write religion into its legal system?


Unpredictable, Not Unavoidable

Funding shortfalls on housing renovation projects in rural areas, coupled with a lack of basic earthquake safety education, are to blame for the heavy casualties in Yunnan Province’s earthquake zone


Flying Blind

Thousands of Chinese air travelers remain stranded at airports on a daily basis, victims of the worst airport delays on Earth. What will it take to modernize the use of China’s restrictive airspace?



At a time when single mothers are still ostracized in Chinese society, most claim that their greatest agony lies in attempting to secure citizenship for their children


Two Shades of Red

Despite their similar life experiences since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the children of senior revolutionary officials – known as the “second-generation reds” – are beginning to make their increasingly divergent political views heard


Pain of a Paragon

Named a ‘National Moral Model’ by China’s authorities, male-to-female transsexual Liu Ting has chosen to fully and publicly transition, defying those who would prefer her to remain male, and silent



Old War, New Lessons

In the context of rising regional tensions, Chinese strategists reflect on the country’s devastating defeat in the First Sino-Japanese war, 120 years ago

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On the Inside, Getting Out

Chinese authorities are trying to curb judicial corruption by offering reduced sentences and parole to prevent convicts from simply bribing their way out of prison


Long Time Coming

By finally announcing its move against Zhou Yongkang, China’s former security czar, the central leadership in Beijing looks determined to tackle widespread corruption


Titan Falls

The exposure of the business empire established by the family of former security chief Zhou Yongkang reveals how close the relationship between money and power has gotten in the highest echelons of the Party



Staying Out of Step

One of the most popular and controversial figures in China’s literary and pop culture scene, Han Han recently made his first foray into China’s mainstream movie industry. Will he be a force to be reckoned with?



Absolute Advocate

His full confidence in a self-regulated market has kept Peking University Professor Zhang Weiying controversial

Outside In


The Tenth Crossing

Amid the spectacular peaks and picturesque streams of Shidu, travelers can experience both the beauty of nature and the challenges of Chinese tourist traps





Seedy Journeys

Not the chattering or the groaning of the train but the relentless crack, crack, crack of teeth chewing on sunflower seeds!


Streets Ahead

Resting once on a bench between the towers, I was greeted by the relaxed honking of a pair of geese, ambling in amiable fashion among the outdoor exercise machines



So, you want to create a fair market? Then take it seriously

Paternalism, protectionism and state monopolies are the three obstructions to the development of a genuine market economy

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What They Say

  • I only target corrupt officials, as I have no qualms about stealing from them.

    Tang Feiyan, dubbed “Queen of Thieves” by the media, enjoying abundant public support after distributing images online of government offices she had robbed, targeting illicit gifts in particular.

  • This cup is 600 years old and has been used by emperors and their concubines. I just want it to bring me luck!

    Businessman Liu Yiqian who has drawn criticism for drinking tea out of a Ming dynasty cup he purchased for US$36 million.

  • Given the cost of high-speed rail, a 30 percent ticket discount would definitely lose us money. Empty seats are fine – it’s another view to enjoy.

    Wang Mengshu, deputy chief engineer of the China Railway Tunnel Group, voicing opposition to slashing off-peak ticket prices.

  • Once free from misery, people risk falling into mediocrity.

    Director Zhang Yimou bemoaning the lack of “inspirationally tragic” events to provide fodder for the world’s filmmakers.

  • Even if some countries or regions have managed to produce an economic boom through their industrial policies, it’s just a case of a blind cat stumbling across a dead mouse. Government interference in the economy is a global issue.

    Economist Justin Yifu Lin reminding the Chinese government of how he thinks it should handle the country’s economy.

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